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Daily Horoscope: New Moon in Scorpio,

November 7, 2018

New Moon in Scorpio, Wednesday, November 7, enhances intuition and may provoke strong reactions to any perceived threat as the moon forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces and a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Scorpio and Pluto rule the 8th house of sex, death, taxes, metaphysics, business partnerships, investments, and inheritance — basically, anywhere you merge boundaries, share assets, or access resources that might come from places other than a basic salary. On a relationship level, personal values and commitment are 8th house issues and two of the key lessons of 8th house/Scorpio/Pluto are trust and control. No matter what house this New Moon falls in your own natal chart, you may be more aware of the Scorpio influence over the next two weeks. Have things seemed crazy lately? Venus retrograde opposing Uranus retrograde in the final degree of Aries, and Jupiter in the final degree of Scorpio square to Mars in Aquarius are to blame for breakups, unexpected changes, and an upswing in anxiety as life feels more unstable than usual. Ultimately, changes now are for the better, because Venus — the Lesser Benefic, and Jupiter — the Greater Benefic are in play. Use the dark of the New Moon to look within to restore some peace and power to your soul and emerge better prepared for the growth and change ahead. Be truthful to yourself and trust your instincts.

Dunnea Rae

Aloha Astro