Love or Death?

Jane Austen, writer of Pride & Prejudice and 5 other successful novels in English literature. She died when she was 42 years old. It is kind a sad, but it is quite understandable after everything she has been true with. I watched the movie Becoming Jane few minutes ago, and I feel hopeless for her and women. She was struggling between money or love? She was struggling to be a talented and wise woman in a society! A hundred years later, we still have the same problems in our lives. She chose to be herself and she died lonely. Do we have to choose? Can’t we be ourselves, but loving someone else. Is love taking our personality? Of all the things that I have lived, heard and see, I can say that my friends ‘Yes’. It is true. Love is changing you, love is giving you and your partner with a similar shape, like a baby that you may have. Actually love is your baby and most importantly, love is not you or him/her. Love is us, we and they.
So what we can do about it? I don’t know… But maybe after all of these years we can figure out another way to loving. I believe hope is making our day. Without hope we will be only shadows without no color or any 3D mentions shape.
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