Faith & Flower: Downtown L.A. Restaurant

One of the best jobs I ever had was being. paid to research potential restaurants and hotels the company I worked for could potentially sell their unique product to. It was the perfect combination of my interests and skills: I’ve always loved playing detective — when I’m interested in something I become almost obsessive with my research to find out everything about it — and finding the latest news about amazing eateries makes my heart swoon (plus it’s something I was already doing in my free time).

One of my restaurants on top of my ever-growing places to eat list was Faith & Flower, contemporary restaurant with drool-worthy photos, fabulous decor, and plenty of positive reviews to back it up.

When I found out I won tickets to Adele’s sold out concert in L.A., I extensively researched all the places I wanted to eat during my 3 day visit. Thankfully, I got to dine at Faith & Flower during my 3 day visit.

Here’s what we ate:

Roasted Apricot Tartine — Berbers Spiced Ricotta and Coastal Honey.

Prime Beef Piccadillo — Sunny Side Up Eggs, Pattypan Squash, Garlic Fried Rice.

Handmade Cavatelli — Hoisin Braised Pork Cheek Sugo, Fennel, Cilantro Gremolata.

Having brunch at Faith & Flower was the perfect start to our Saturday + my very first time eating cavatelli was fucking delicious! I still have dreams about their tender hoisin braised pork cheek sugo and the ambrosial handmade pasta was to die for. Next time I visit Faith & Flower, I’m ordering 2 of whatever handmade pasta dish on their menu.

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