The Reason Behind The Change In My Blog’s Direction

One of the very best things I’ve experienced with social media is being able to visually reflect on the moments I felt were significant enough to document.

I want to share a significant milestone in my life… this is and I’m STILL very much a work in progress.

Two Octobers ago, I decided to finally put to rest whether or not my anorexic tendencies contributed to my overall unhappiness; I knew feeling insecure about every single decision I made and being in a constant state of numbness wasn’t normal. I also knew becoming weirdly comfortable by the angry growls my stomach made when hungry and doing nothing to quiet its dissatisfaction was a painful way to “deal” with uncomfortable emotions.

I didn’t want to keep “living” this way.

As a little girl, I was brave and full of energy.

When I reflect on my childhood, my fondest memories revolve around food and the love I felt while I savored each bite.

For a really long time, I never shared this secret with anyone. I couldn’t even admit the truth to myself.

For those familiar with my blog, I used to interview and promote small businesses, local events and art. However, I decided to completely change the direction of my blog in order to focus on my #CulinaryTherapy adventures.

I want to document my recovery with anorexia.

I wanted a medium where I could be honest and vulnerable about the messy, stressful and emotionally uncomfortable struggles I encounter while my body continues to heal. But most of all, I wanted to document my personal victories: learning to develop a healthier relationship with food, utilizing baking and cooking as positive coping tools while also creating edible rewards to eat (and sometimes share with others).

The biggest reason for my blog transformation: I don’t want anorexia, the longest relationship I’ve had, to define me anymore. And I hope by sharing my story, I’ll be more accountable to myself and my goal: full recovery.