Media Analysis Reflection

From what we studied in Media Analysis this semester, I have acquired several valuable things to take away from the class. The first thing that stands out to me as important from Media Analysis is the ability to identify bias. Previous to this class, I understood bias but I did not realize how my own views are reflected through it. I now understand the effect that echo chambers play in my choices of news sources and how I need to pay attention to several sides of the story to find the truest version of the story. Second, ever since I learned the 15 appeals of advertising, I can’t help but try to identify which appeals are being used in ads I come across. I like knowing the appeals and being able to identify them because I now feel as powerful as the advertiser; I know exactly who they are targeting and how they are trying to get them to purchase their product. (I also know a good Ad from a crappy one now too.) :)

As far as schools offering Media Analysis, I believe that it should be offered more widely. There are not many classes in high school that teach you about what is occurring in the exact moment that you are taking the class. History is interesting to learn about but modern day is important as well because it is the time you are living in; it dictates your life. Through Media Analysis I have developed several critical skills that I can apply every day of my life in several aspects of my life as well. For these reasons, Media Analysis should be offered at more schools because it is genuinely beneficial to students.

Not going to lie, my preconceived conceptions of Media Analysis were that I would be watching TV all semester. Granted, I really am not an avid television, movie, or even Netflix watcher so this was not the deciding factor in me choosing to take Media Analysis. I had a close friend in Media Analysis last semester and from what I heard from her you watch TV and do some in-class projects such as in class essays or the creation of advertisements. My perception of Media Analysis coming into the class had a lot of gray area and I was not sure exactly what to expect but now, after having almost finished the class, I do not have a single regret. I find myself interested and engaged in the material that we work on daily and the class goes by quickly (in a good way) due to the materials we are presented with. I have enjoyed Media Analysis more than I anticipated to and in a totally different manner than I expected to.

In Media Analysis, I wish we had discussed how technology, specifically social media, is changing the lives of the people younger than us. Even one grade below us in the junior class I can observe how social-media-dependent a majority of them are. To them, social media is who they are. Their “likes” show status, the quality of their pictures and the content of the pictures are more important than living in the moments they are trying to capture themselves in. Younger kids such as middle schoolers are growing up faster due to social media from their exposure to products, companies, and people on social media. i personally cannot imagine living a life centered around what other people think of my Instagram and my biggest worry being not getting “enough likes.” I feel that this topic would be important to have some sort of in-class discussion on because of how prominent it is becoming with younger generations.

I cannot think of a specific aspect of Media Analysis that should be eliminated from the class but I do think that the demographic unit felt lengthy. I understand this is because of the essay at the end of the unit but I felt as if that was the unit I least enjoyed even with the essay aside. I think the demographic unit could be done more independently in regards to the essay, meaning watching more shows at home and reflecting on them. Once I chose which demographic(s) I was writing about, I could not use the majority of the in class sources that I had because they did not pertain to my topic. I felt that all of those shows and articles I read and couldn’t use seemed excessive. Obviously it is still important to learn about each demographic but I feel that it could be minimized a bit.

Regarding making this class a full year and combining it with advanced composition, I feel that this could be detrimental to the class. One factor in me choosing Media Analysis over another class was that I would not be writing as frequently. I do not enjoy writing but I feel as if my writing skills are sufficient at this point in high school after taking three years of honors and AP literature and composition classes. I wanted a break from writing because it is not my thing so I chose my English classes accordingly. I feel that if you combine Media Analysis with advanced composition, it would discourage students from taking the class because of them wanting to avoid having to write all of the time. I do believe that Media Analysis alone could be a year long class but of combined with advanced composition I think the amount of students that would enroll in the class would decrease.

Thank you for a great final semester of high school Mrs. Myers, I am looking forward to continuing to apply the skills I learned in Media Analysis in the future. Have a wonderful summer and I wish you success. 🙂

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