You want to be heard, I will listen to you

I have often been asked this question in different scenarios; be it interviews, conferences, conversations or even at times I have asked this myself.

“If everything else goes to zero, what is one ability/thing/quality/talent you (I) would like to have?

My consistent answer over last couple of years has been that,

I will like to continue listening to you, because the biggest complain people on the planet have is “ not being heard enough”.

I can go on with the narrative about the life passing by staring at screens be it laptops, mobiles, tablets or whatever. I can also go on with what I am or who I am. To keep it to the point, I am simple human with immense ability to trust fellow human beings.

I can listen in primarily English, Hindi. All other emotions are equally welcome.

To find more, let us talk.

If You want to talk, say, express, share, cry or laugh.

I will listen to you with pure compassion, to everything that you would like to share.

No judgement, I promise.

My only request is

“do allow me to have you as a precious anecdote in my life story about the moments we shared”

Where ever in the world you might be, feel free to share your story/thought.

Mobile +91 88265 27230

Skype — alokalamban

Facebook — Alok Alamban

Gmail —

I will try my best to talk to you whenever possible. Trust me, I do a lot to keep myself busy and I love my 8 hours of sleep.

Let us start sharing and talking. I am ready to listen

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