Eugene’s Weekly #2


It looks like medium is quite good for weekly blogging. I’ve finished my vocation and feel refreshed and powered for upcoming week. Hope you are feeling the same. Here are a few readings that I’ve wanted to share with you.


Better code reviews

People always talk about code reviews. There are a lot of different approaches how to do it. What tools work good and what doesn’t work at all. The author of this article has started from gathering statistics and made a survey in her twitter.

Trunk based development

As we are talking about code reviews I can’t miss this article about a bit other approach in the git branching. Comparing to standard feature based branching development (or should I say standard git flow), trunk based development solves such common issues like huge merges after long features development with bunch of merge conflicts. And also it solves problems with unsynced stream development brunches and different environments brunches (e.g. develop, release, production). On paper this development approach looks interesting and worth to try. But it requires some extra work and increasing responsibilities of dev team to support feature toggling and to have some good automation tests suites.

Algorithm that automatically summarizes text using machine learning

This is only news but anyway. Salesforce company shared their researches in text processing algorithms of Machine Learning. They don’t have any real products to show yet. But it’s very promising technology and, obviously, huge numbers of people will use it. Why? Cause people love all technologies that save their time.

Implementing iOS share extension for end-to-end encrypted messenger

Honestly, it was the article from previous week but I forgot to include it to issue #1. It very good long read that covers what can and what can’t you do with iOS share extensions. How to share logic and data between the app and its share extension. What the limitations is that extensions are and how to work correctly and efficiently with them. We also have ability not only to read how the team of Wire messenger faced with all those limitations of share extensions API but also we have the ability to look into their code and check the proposed solutions. It’s open-sourced app!


How to Build a Side Project as a Developer with a Busy Family Life

Well, a lot of developers have and want to have a side project. Obviusely, everybody agree that side projects are useful activities for developers.

I Got Rejected by Apple Music… So I Redesigned It

The title says all about it. Good article about UI/UX design. Very thoughtful approach in app redesign process.

Why we should fix our sleep schedule

A lot of people heard the word jetlag. There was a research that showed that people are able to fall into jetlag state even without moving to other regions and time zones. That’s called social jetlag. So that’s the state when your body think that it should sleep and you don’t allow it to do that or v. v. The main thing that author wanted to share is that you should follow your body and follow the sleep cycle that it wants. Otherwise you can get seriously ill. The rules are simple. If you woke up at 9am, don’t wake up at 5am afterwards. After the one week of such abrupt change you will feel yourself very bad and miserable. Be pragmatic and start any changes in your habits smoothly.


Cmd+I in terminal

As simple as that: Cmd+I in terminal to get the list of running processes for current tab! You’re welcome 😉