Focus is the most important skill of the next decade

3 reason why:

  1. We are living in a world where information is more than plenty .. it’s on our computers, phones, 100s of TV channels or apps, videos and more gets added every day.
  2. We are also living in the world where ideas are more than plenty. Ideas come from connecting the dots, the dots come from informaiton and experiences. As the world has become flat, and as more information is available online, there are a lot many more dots that we all are collecting and there are a lot more ideas getting generated. Just look at kick-starter or number of products serving startups and you’ll see a lot of evidence of this.
  3. It easier than ever to act on the ideas. If I was driven, I can learn new programming language free via free videos on youtube or edX or another platform, I can get open source libraries from git, troubleshooting support from stack overflow and start building a product. If I am doing hardware, I can use Ardiuno or Raspebbery pi, tap onto online resources as well as local makerspaces to make stuff using laser cutters, 3d printers etc.

We have a ton at our disposal now, and we can do a lot. And there in lies the problem or a challenge. Steve Jobs talked about the idea that focus is not just about what you do, but also about what you don’t. Finding that and sticking to it is the key skill. We can disperse our energies across many different things or focus on them on a few. It’s difficult but it’s critical to success.