How Will The World Change Over The Next 50 Years?
Product Hunt

These are interesting thoughts.. but it seems to revolve around objects. The world is not defined by these objects, it’s defined by the people. Think about the trends at people level ..

I think the geographic bounderies are blurring, the opportunities that once were only available to a few will be available to many more, the power that used to rest with a few is dispersing.. for example if one wants to drive taxi today they can just signup on an app, blockchain is changing the finance industry and has the potential to change healthcare, and broader governance, MOOCs bring education to the masses.

I am not saying that big companies will not be there or income inequality will not be there. It will be.. one giant will be replaced by another, but the opportunity is expanding.

The key is to focus on the core infrastructure —increase internet access and reduce the cost of technology and as that happens, the speed of innovation will increase… in other words more people will be able to solve more problems.

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