Memorise and study for them. Work hard for them. Fight with your loved ones for them. Make money by helping them create 10 times more and then destroy the money to give them back all you ever made.

“What will they say?”, an extremely common phrase I used to hear from my parents. Never did I know who that ‘THEY’ was. Time passed by and I saw everyone talk about ‘THEY’. Friends, relatives, teachers and some more labelled people. I grew curious, I started asking questions again and again and again. Soon ‘THEY’ started making decisions for me, started dictating my choices. They came in different shapes and sizes. Some incredibly powerful that I would easily say, Alright.

I often question, what would I have become if I was never educated about right or wrong, black or white, mine and yours, good or bad?

How easily someone’s fear gets manifested in someone else's life.

What would I do in my life? What kind of food would I eat? What kind of people would I choose to be with? How would I see money? How would I interact with people? What would I be doing?

They had everything ready for me as I was born and I am really grateful. They had made religion, name, caste and lot of such labels vital for my existence. They even made a game for me, rather games. One after the another I kept on playing and so did people around me. Anger, frustration, jealousy came with it. Soon I started seeing messages,

My game is better than theirs (even they had they)

We as humans are powerful beyond measure yet we are nothing. The most certain things in our lives, we were born and we will die. Whatever we create in between either serves or does not serve the world. Impressing, 90 percentage of things we do falls into this category. Impressing THEM. Impressing them so much that we start mimicking their game rather than being who we are. I hate myself when I do that. It just does not feel awesome. It feels heavy and when I keep on doing that, I even mimic the heaviness.

When I express myself it feels like there is some super power running through my veins. I smile, laugh and serve powerfully. I breathe and it ignites my senses. I don’t think about them then. They don’t exist. They don’t say anything. I have trembled umpteen times whenever I have done that. Its edgy, yet nothing feels so awesome.

My parents did not tell me about THEM. It was someone else speaking through them as they were told the same. Similarly my teachers, my friends and everyone I have met.

How would the life be like if THEY did not exist? How would it rather look like if they did not have to exist?

After all THEY is a man made concept. Concept based on fear, judgement, insecurity and limited perspective. Anyone or anything can become THEY. Probably 365,000 days to live and more than 7.2 billion THEYs to fit.

I wish THEM questions, service and allowance.

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