1.1 App Idea Blog App

My app idea is to develop a simple blogging app on which registered user can add article or question on which they want reactions or comments for their article or question. This app will enhance the knowledge of community people by sharing knowledge, ideas and question answers.

People can give feedback on particular article by commenting on that article.

Make that article popular by liking it.

Make that article trending by commenting on that by several users.

My app will contain 3 screen:

Screen 1: This screen will display all the articles and their comments. However user can filter the articles by category named Popular, Trending, Technology, Business, Sports, Questions & Answers or Others.
Screen 2: This screen will have the functionality for adding article to get feedback from community or question to be solved by the community.
Screen 3: This Screen will display the activity of user on blog app.

In my next blog I will write for prototype of my application.