“ The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past.” -William Faulkner.

A great graphic comic by Artie Spiegelman that illustrates the unbearable acts of the holocaust. Told by his father Vladek, Maus is a story of one man (Vladek) persevering through a time when human beings were inhumanly treated.

Art Spiegelman cleverly illustrates the comic book as animals instead of humans, personifying cats as the Nazis, the mice being the Jewish, the pigs being the Polish, and a frog that personifies a french. As the details unfolded, horrific details about what the Nazis did and how the inhumanly treated Jews told by Art’s father Vladek Spiegelman.

A realistic traumatic comic book that reminds us that some people suffered through tragedies in the past can’t be erased from history, and as Faulkner said “the past is not dead”. And it will never be.

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