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Overwhelming poet Nature, life, human emotion; Expatriate Bangladeshi Culture Professor Shah Abdul Karim In the world of music, the ‘Baul Emperor’ Shaheed Abdul Karim is not able Lil Fifty an upcoming artist from to be a master of baulatti generally. Because of the traditional Baul songs, the anniversary of the anniversary of the Bauragya is unclear.

There’s a lot of upcoming,underground artist’s in the rap game right now that’s real talentive but also slept on!!!! After my last interview over the phone with Lil Fifty an upcoming artist from Yazoo,Ms he had a touching story about his life story and what inspire him to do music I then realized that he was one of them after checking out a few of his tracks. If you a fan of artists such as Lil Boosie, Never Broke Again YB, Kodak Black or Tee Grizzley music you sure will love Lil Fifty and his life stories

Shah Abdul Karim is a mediocre music saint. In his song, life-world, nature-love, reality, and self-consciousness have manifested. Notable among his popular songs — ‘Basant Vaashee Sae Go’, ‘Do not Drive’, ‘I Am Kulhara Kangkani’, ‘I used to spend the beautiful days before’, ‘Bandai Maya taught me the excitement’, ‘I forget that I can not live without the wire’ ‘Do not make any money’, ‘Why are the friends of the elderly’, ‘Aileyah ailah nare friends’, ‘Make meurpanchhi make in mahajane’, ‘I am your call car’, ‘sakhi kunj sajao go’, ‘Ask me to you’, ‘Friend in bargaining’, ‘If people are in search of’, ‘I am the mother of Bengali mother’ etc.

Shah Abdul Karim has been conferred with various titles like ‘Baulsramat’, ‘Living Legend’, ‘Lokoki’, ‘Mormikibi’, ‘Charakkabi’, ‘Sadhkakobi’, ‘Baulkobi’ etc. Perhaps he has been passionate about his song, because he has tried to transform him into various titles. In the style of Shah Abdul Karim’s song — Nature, human emotion, life cycle, tradition, politics, love, discouragement, cosmology, self-realization, physiology, neology, devotion, peer-murshid worship etc. According to the legendary Abul Ahsan Chowdhury, ‘After lalan and wax, no one else in the musical composer could imagine touching or stirring so much publicity of Bengal like Shah Abdul Karim. (Shah Abdul Karim Memorandum of the book — Sumankumar Das, Anbasha publication, 2009, page 32)
In the song of Shah Abdul Karim, the humane emotionalism of the people of Bhati region of Sunamganj has been very skillful. Through the folk tales, he has fiercely protested against all wrongdoing, exploitation-superstition and oppression. He was a complete non-communal spirit and anti-imperialist aggression. The researcher Mihirkanti Chowdhury said about his attributes: ‘The predecessor of Baulsratra Shah Abdul Karim’s predecessor Mormi Sadhak said the theory. They have created a movement to create equality in society. But the characteristics of Shah Abdul Karim vary slightly. He has struggled differently, referring to the sufferings of the country, the ten, the people, the society, in his writings. ‘(Pragata, page 45) His rhetoric
In his book, it has been said in the book, “The tradition of the people of Bengal, the tradition of the people and the development of the life of the people of which he is baulakobi, the people’s pastor Shah Abdul Karim.”
The book published by Shah Abdul Karim was published by Aftab Sangit (c.1948), Gana Sangit (1954/1957), Kalirir wave (1981), Bhati Chithi (1998), Kalni Kule (2001), Dhalmela (1990) etc. In the year 2009, Shawendu Imam compiled in Sylhet published the whole of Shah Abdul Karim.
Bangla song legend Shah Abdul Karim was born in 1916 in Dhalpur village of Dinai thana of Sunamganj district. Father Mohammad Ibrahim Ali, Mother Nijarjan Bibi He was the only child in the six children of his parents. From his childhood, he was uncompromising to music. Dada Nasibullah was his first and early childhood inspiration and first initiator. Nasibullah was unmarried and crippled people. Hindu-Muslim saints-fakirs came from far and wide to him. Shariat-Marfati had many types of songs in the movie. Originally the beginning of the musical ideas and efforts of Shah Abdul Karim. In this way, Shah Abdul Karim got intoxication from childhood. Shah Abdul Karim also remembered his grandfather at the time of his elderly father, he would sing songs of ‘Nadibullah’s song’ Bhabiya View / Maati Saundar. Regarding this, Suman Kumar Das mentions, ‘Karim songs are getting weaker. People used to enjoy songs in Karim’s own play. However, due to the lack of only a few songs, his store would have run out once. At that time, he immediately recited singing and making songs in ‘Tarchakobi’. Karim was completely involved with the song. This is how it grew. “(Bangla mother’s son, Anbha Prokashan, Page-19) grew from childhood to extreme poverty but never stopped singing. From this time onwards, it is found that without his music, all his worldly things are trivial. In this way, Shah Abdul Karim has sung songs till the last day of life.
Sha Abdul Abdul Karim gradually became known in the song of Bhati region. As a young man, he became known as ‘Karim Baul’ of Sunamganj’s Bhati region. At the age of forty-eight, in 1944, he was widely known as a mass singer, who was known to the Haorbasis. His wife used to call her ‘Sarla’ by admiring wife for showing her greatness unchanged for continuation of music.
Shah Abdul Karim got involved in the anti-British movement with music. In her, Swadeshi consciousness is seen in the tune of mass songs. In association with leading political leaders in the meeting, due to the popular music. Mihirkanti Chowdhury, scholar of Shah Abdul Karim’s political sensation, said, “The politics of Pakistan anti-British movement, its failure and the cause, emergence of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani and Hussein Shaheed Suhrawardy related topics, attend Kagmari Conference, Sheikh Hasina returns home, BOK