12 Questions That Will Change Your Life
Ryan Holiday

Hello Ryan, thanks for the article and especially the challenging questions. Along the lines of your post, it is interesting to remember that the essential part of the word question is quest. Our own personal and highly individualized search for our own truths / values / beliefs and the formulation of our own answers to the questions you presented. The questions remain valid over time, but the answers, our answers, should change over time. The quest is the meaning of life – and the quality of the questions help define the quality of the life lived. Superficial questions, superficial life.

And not revisiting the questions is like living to the beat of an old drum. When the questions are deep(er) they require regularly (re)defining the answers to those questions.

With the paraphrased Nisargsdatta metaphor/caveat of setting your watch – once you’ve set your watch you don’t need to check that it is on time all the time. Checking every now and again that it is on time is necessary, and more than enough…

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