About Type 1 Diabetes You Need to Know

Type 1 diabetes information can be found a lot in the internet, books and magazines. We need to study diseases to know them more and to prevent ourselves from getting one. In this article, we are about to discuss about the first type of diabetes. When discussing about certain disease, we will surely talk about life style and habit. Healthy life style and good habit keep us away from sickness, while the opposite ones will surely make us get sick easily. Bad diet may also be one factor that leads to diabetes. Bad eating habit is another one. So, our whole daily life attitude affects so much to our health.

Getting to know more of type 1 diabetes and its facts

Probably we need to understand more about diabetes type 1. What kind of disease is this? Someone is said to have this disease when certain cells in his body cannot produce insulin because of immune system that destroy them. The cells that create insulin are called the beta cells. The condition where beta cells do not function normally is similar with type 2 diabetes. But, in type 2 diabetes, your beta cells are not destroyed by your immune system, but the other factors, such as injury or disease in your pancreas. So, why does insulin important to our body? You need to know that insulin is a hormone that is used by cells as fuel.

When insulin is lacking or absent, glucose or sugar cannot be moved in to your body tissues so they are accumulated in blood while your cells are craving for it. This is the condition when one has high blood sugar. This may lead to dehydration. Glucose cannot be processed in body because there is no insulin, so body try reducing the built up glucose by getting rid a lot of water. Having the first type of diabetes may also make you lose weight. The water goes out from body that contains glucose also has calories in it. This process causes weight loss.

Our liver may also take part in increasing glucose in our body by issuing its glucose to help. Unfortunately, this process will only add one more bad condition, since this glucose cannot be processed in body so that it is built up more. This can be dangerous if not treated soon. High blood sugar may damage your body even worse. It will give bad effects on heart, eyes and kidneys. Their small blood vessels and nerves are being harmed so they cannot function well. Be extra careful, since this disease may lead to stroke.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms and suggested foods

Consulting with your doctor is a good idea to check whether or not you have the first type of diabetes when you’re having these following symptoms. Remember, you need to pay attention to what your doctor says about foods and life style recommendation. You need to know that this kind of diabetes can make you have high as well as low blood sugar. Be alert when one of them happens. You may experience weakness, sweating and hunger when you have low blood sugar.

But when you urinate many times and feeling thirsty in abnormal frequency, it is like that you experiencing high blood sugar. If this is happening, you need to do some sacrificing, such as changing your life style by eating well and having good foods selection. Let’s learn how to choose your foods. Foods that are full of fiber, vitamins and minerals are very important. You also need to know what type carbohydrate you should have every day. It will make significant difference in your blood sugar condition. If you love eating out, try to reduce the frequency and wisely choose to eat on time, especially if you are in medication for your diabetes. Having snacks between meals is also important to boost your energy.

But remember, it must be healthy snacks. Few hotdogs and bars of chocolate are of course not good ideas. Have almonds, celery sticks, blueberries, baby carrots, and light popcorn. Ask your doctor or dietitian how many of them you may take every day. Healthy life style and good foods selection will help you to deal with type 1 diabetes.

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