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Sep 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Happy birthday images funny The actual exercises for the Autogenic Training are now complete. The last part is, however, crucial to take the relaxation back into the everyday life. First, after you have repeated the abdominal breathing 6 times, you should breathe again quietly and you several times (it can also be quietly 6 times) say “I am quite quiet”.

Now, do you think or think quietly that as soon as you open your eyes again, you will take the relaxation and strength that you have gained through the training into your everyday life https://sg.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/hbdimages/info. In the last step you stretch your arms forward (your eyes are still closed) and breathe very quickly but deeply as you pull your arms strongly towards your upper body and make a fist with both hands (calmly push down).

As soon as you begin to breathe, you open your eyes. If you end up breathing your arms at the end with too little force, you will get back from the relaxation heavier again into your full performance, so this part is very important. But do not be crazy if you have practiced the Autogenous Training a few times, you will notice what you have to do. Happy birthday images funny.

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Important: Perform your Autogenic Training

Finally, a short note — I have given you in this article a guide for performing a relaxation exercise. The basic procedure should be followed as described, since it has proved to be extremely effective. Nevertheless, you should end up doing your own Autogenous Training, which will help you and continue. I say, for example, with the heavy arms and the warm arms for the second time just “pleasantly heavy” or “pleasantly warm”, which for me the effect reinforces Happy birthday images funny.

So be open and listen to yourself. You will notice that a mixture of the described guidelines and your own interpretation of the Autogenic Training will bring you deep relaxation beyond the actual training!

Now I wish you a lot of fun while practicing and as fast as possible. Please write a comment, if the guide helped you. I am also very interested in your own kind and other exercises! To motivate oneself to sport is a central challenge of many people. Sport is so important. Not only the physical condition is improved by sport birthday wishes images, but also the mental state. More drive for everyday life, more endurance for tasks and challenges, more self-confidence — to name only three points … In this article, I would like to share with you my thoughts about how we can motivate ourselves to do sports. Happy birthday images funny.

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