The New Philanthropists

How To Give Like A Millennial

I am fascinated by Millennials.

I think they are strong and hopeful. Playful yet passionate. They are world-travellers. Despite being born in the digital age, hordes of them care deeply about the environment.

Saying they love technology is like saying fish loves water. I don’t believe their gadgets disconnect them from each other. It’s just that the way they socialize is utterly indecipherable to older generations (Read: Inside the Social Media Life of Teens).

They understand how globalization affects local communities. They are bright and their eyes are wide open to the troubles of this world.

I love Millennials.

And among their ranks, a new breed of world-changers are rising. I call them The New Philanthropists.

People from older generations would say, “I’m going to enrich myself and then give back.” Thus the Andrew Carnegies, the Warren Buffetts, Bill Gateses, Mark Zuckerbergs. These people — unicorns, really — have applied themselves fully, reaped the rewards, and has given back to others.

The New Philanthropists, on the other hand, would say, “Why wait?” “I can make a change now. I can contribute now. I can be of service now.” In the process, they are enriching themselves along with everyone else.

Lead the way, Millennials. Don’t stop making this world better than how you found it.

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