This Might Not Work

Or it just might…

I recently had a 45-minute conversation with the school principal from Linapacan Public School in Palawan, Philippines. His is name is Rowell Llado and the school is one of many that we identified that needs some support.

I could tell from his voice that he was pleasantly surprised to get a call from me. We talked about the school he is leading and the challenges they are facing. Rowell told me that right now, he has 3 groups of children holding their classes in basketball courts, municipal halls, garages or wherever they could gather with a modicum of silence. If these open spaces are occupied for other reasons — these classes are forced to relocate someplace else, maybe under the shade of trees — at a moment’s notice.

He said that if we could get these classrooms built, it would solve a lot of problems for their school. It would make life easier for the teachers and learning would have some sense of normality for the students.

This is what The Good Collective is trying to accomplish. First and always, we want to gather all the people we know who want to make a dent in the universe. Second, and as important, is to have this tribe of kind-hearted people work together to do specific, meaningful work. Some kind of actionable goal that would cause change to happen. Work that really matters.

OUR SPECIFIC GOAL in the coming weeks is to build three classrooms for Rowell and the Linapacan Public School.

This is how we’ll do it.

Our current fundraising goal is CAD$30,000. Based on recent engineering and architectural plans that we’ve culled during research, this is a good number to start. (Rowell is working right now with government engineers to come up with a Program Of Works for his school so we would know exactly what we need to get these classrooms built.) In early October, we will launch our online crowdfunding page hosted on You can visit it here.

In the weeks leading to October, we will be asking our friends and family to help us raise these funds. We are looking for 100 people who are willing to raise at least 1% of the goal. If we could find at least 100 people to individually raise at least $300 each, give them the tools they need, what to say and when to say it, then we hit our mark. Then we could start building these classrooms. What this does is it lightens the burden for everyone and more importantly, it involves more people.

Right from the day we founded The Good Collective, we said that we are not after a handful of people who could give thousands of dollars (although we would not turn down any help afforded us). We are after the thousands of everyday people who would spare $7 or $17 to get something done.

We have an opportunity — a privilege — to change the lives of communities and the more people we involve and encourage to give, the bigger the celebration in the end.

I’m telling you right now, this might not work. But with the love and encouragement we bounce around in these group, it just might.

— — — — —

We will be posting updates and guidelines on how to be a part of our fundraising teams. We are currently working on a short fundraising guide and calendar. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I want to encourage everyone to keep adding people to our Closed Group on Facebook. We are trying to grow the collective through an invite-only method. This might not work…or it just might. :)

Much love, Jason

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