Disrupt the Universe

In the past few years the term “to disrupt” has been the slang many entrepreneurs used to describe the fundamental change they hope to make in one industry or another. Even though this term may have been overused, it still holds a core truth: the will to make a change that drastically alters the way we think and act. I believe this is exactly how we should look at any endeavor we take, to make a fundamental change instead of incremental one. The question is how? Is there a secret sauce? A formula? A school we should attend? Should we seek a special mentor? Also, how much can we really change things? And what kind of disruption can we really make?

A lot.

It is said that the founding fathers of the United States of America did something so extraordinary that they “disrupted the universe”. That is, they created something so great and profound, so different and inventive that it changed everything. They created a new way of governing that did not exist before, which changed the course of humanity’s history and future in ways no one could have imagined, including the creators themselves.

Of course, this was not the only time that the universe was disrupted. Many people before and after have made changes that disrupted the universe, some for good, some for evil. Some made changes in a small way (while still changing the course of history) and others in a bigger way. Are these people really so few and far in between? Are these people so special that they only appear once in a few decades or centuries?

The truth is that we ALL have the ability to disrupt the universe; we all have that ability within us. It is not due to some unique gift, a random gene, a minimum IQ, where we were raised, or a level of income. It is simply a matter of will! How hard are you willing to work to achieve your goal? How much are you willing to sacrifice? How dedicated are you to the mission? And how determined are you to get over your fears and worries?

One important point, which is often lost in the never-ending noise, is the ability to know a big thing from a small thing. I know it sounds trivial and obvious; important and truthful facts usually are. Really ask yourself: How often do you stop to think about what you’re doing in the big picture? How often do you pause to think if the task, project, argument, meeting, trip, deal or anything else you do with your wife, husband, partner, kids, employees, managers, partners, etc. is really important? How often do you really know big things from small things?

The answer is always: not often enough!

Especially because it is so easy to lose ourselves in the small tasks, to stay focused on the moment, to stay close to the familiar and the safe that we don’t even ask the question: Is this important enough? Is this leading me in direction of my goal and vision? Is this a big thing or a small thing? These questions are so simple and obvious, yet we don’t ask it enough.

Maybe we’re not here to start nations, to build empires, to conquer countries, or to find a cure for cancer. Maybe we’re here to raise a family, to start a business, to create something that was not here just a second ago, to lead, to help others grow, to be a friend. Remember that everything you do disrupts the universe in some shape or form, even if you don’t know it.

Your life is your personal journey to make. Remember that you have the ability to disrupt the universe. Just stay focused, work hard, don’t give in to fear, and always remember to know the big things from the small things.

Go disrupt your universe!