Alternative Realities

For many years humanity has been wandering in alternative realities.

Using our imagination we are capable of traveling far away from this world into amazing places, filled with wonders that are created by our minds.

Many people have tried to bring these incredible worlds into reality, through art, written stories, songs or movies, but as much as we can get immersed into them, we end up waking up in the real world, feeling cheated, wanting more.

Is there any way to get deeper into these realities?

New technologies are creating a means to break the boundaries between the physical world and our imagination, and soon we may find ourselves immersed in landscapes shaped by our minds that feel as real as ourselves.

That is the promise of a new wave of Virtual Reality or VR headsets that are being developed by a high number of companies around the world, such as Oculus Rift, Sony, HTC and many others. It’s expected to see a big market of these VR headsets next year, mainly for video games purposes, but this technology can be also used in less conventional grounds such as tv shows, movies, remote communications and even medicine.

A VR headset is basically a helmet with a screen and a bunch of sensors that give the carrier the sensation of being immersed in the world projected through the screen. In the past many companies tried to bring this concept to reality but headsets built with the technology of the moment missed the expectations of the users as it did not give a realistic sensation due to technical limitations.

But now things are different, the new prototypes of VR headsets being demoed by these companies are proving that the moment for Virtual Reality may be here, many see it as the future of gaming but it may have a much bigger impact in society.

That’s also why many activist groups are against VR. They feel that actual online video games such as Minecraft or World of Warcraft are already too immersive, and that many people is currently living in an alternative reality.

As much as these technologies might frighten some people, the possibilities within these new digital realms may lure some to never come back, and with every step we take into these new digital realities the line between the physical world and our imagination will be blurred until it disappears.