Spy Games

Privacy and technology don’t get along very well sometimes. We all have that friend who got hacked or blackmailed by some random digital hijacker, or at least we have read one of the many news stories about companies being hacked compromising important customer data, and yet we love technology. Some may argue that everything comes with a price but sometimes that price may be too high.

Take for instance the impact that intrusive technology have had in romantic relationships where privacy is key to have a trust based relation. We currently live in a world where is easy to digitally spy on anyone, so easy that the use of the word “stalker” have surged in recent years and has become a common word in the internet lingo. Sometimes this kind of intrusive behavior is harmless, but in romantic relationships it can have negative effects.

I have seen couples fighting over silly things, such as unattended conversations in Whatsapp although their counterpart was seen as online, the newly popular “you left me in blue” that refers to not answered but read Whatsapp messages, having a “single” status on Facebook, not posting enough “pics” together on social media sites, having a profile picture alone on any social network, not liked/retweeted/pinned a post made by your loved one, or even worst liked/retweeted/pinned another person’s post, and many more silly arguments that come all from the same place: the digital world devoid of privacy.

Maybe you found yourself in one of the situations described above (even I have committed some of these crimes myself) and the reality is that this kind of behaviour is normal by today’s standards. Standards that didn’t even existed years ago, because we didn’t have the technologies in which they are based of.

This kind of rapid change in society behaviour is the product of the accelerated evolution of technology, but recently we have seen how many of this technology platforms have strengthened their privacy efforts in order to calm down some concerns arose in recent years. Nevertheless we are still very far from achieving a high level of privacy online or even completely adapt as a society to this new way of living where we have to share not only in the physical world but in the digital one. Meanwhile let’s keep playing the spy games.