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Since time immemorial fashion jewelry has seen various trends and fashion of the day. Some trends died along the years while some have made their way back. An extremely popular trend in the jewelry genre in the 1920’s has made its way back to the current fashion industry and has taken it away by a storm. It is the extremely suave tassel jewelry style. However whenever a trend makes its comeback, it is revived to suit the present fashion taste and styling so that the fashion revivals are enjoyed once again. Same is the case with tassel jewelry. Back in the 1920’s these were popular in the art deco era but now the must-have accessories include tasseled shoes, fringed bags, swinging chains and tassel jewelry.

The unique selling proposition of tassel jewelry is its sheer simplicity. There is no show off and a simple black colored tassel with a silver metal cap can make a simple bracelet funky. This is the charm of the tassel jewelry with silver metal that is widely used in the fashion industry. If you check the social networking websites, you can get many ideas on how to pair your tassel and fringes with different accessories. The vibrant colors in which this is available makes it a must buy for the fashion lovers. Tassels give you the freedom of experimenting with different styles and patterns. One day you are wearing a pink tassel earring with a golden cap and the next day you are showing off that same tassel earring on your handbag as an add on. Its that simple and easy but the compliments you will receive would inspire you to experiment more and share the same with your friends. Tassels are suitable for necklaces, earrings or bracelets. A contemporary bracelet trend is to wear prayer-type beads, and these may have a tassel attached. Charm bracelets are another style that tassels can be added to.

When you want to shop for tassel jewelry online, make it a point to source for the most genuine sellers. You would only want the best ones for your designing needs. If you own a styling studio for jewelry then it is best that you shop for tassel jewelry for wholesale in several colors so that you never run out of options when it comes to color matching for different clients. It is indeed the availability of tassel in different colors that makes it the first and foremost choice of jewelry designers.

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