Mirror mirror

It has been so long since I have had a “normal” length of hair. I think it was probably 4 years ago that my alopecia got really really bad. I remember first I cut my hair to a shoulder length. After that I shaved the sides of my head into a Mohawk style. Finally I attempted to grow it out, resulting in a disgusting mullet for a couple months. My hair had finally grown out into a nice bob about a year ago, and that is when the alopecia hit an all time high. That’s when I shaved my head.

I feel like a broken record. I don’t regret shaving my head. It has given me so much confidence. But, I do miss my hair.

My mother is amazing. But she has a huge flaw. She always makes it her duty to make her family no matter what; especially her kids. If she could, she would give my sister and I the world. Anyways, I guess one day I was having a melt down about losing my hair (I had quite a few right before the holidays…high stress time I guess). It must have been around that time that she secretly went and bought me my first human hair wig.

It was a full lace cap and 100% human hair. She got it in a lighter colour that way I could put my own twist to it with hair dye. I had never had a wig like this before so I was a little nervous about how I would like it. All of the wigs I have a synthetic and just a lace front. I hate wearing them because they are heavy, hot, and itchy. This though…this is heaven. First, it is so light and breathable that I barely notice it on my head. I use wig tape to keep it down and had a bit of trouble taping down the back but, the good part about that is that I can wear the wig in a ponytail! I have never had the ability to wear a ponytail in the middle of my head before. Normally it would have to be super low (and it looked unnatural). The wig moves and bounces like normal hair. The quality really is amazing. Especially since we had to colour its base and bleach it out to fit the purple section as a peekaboo. To put it simply, it’s fun.

It can be curled and pinned. Or I can wear it straight

I really can’t express how awesome it is. Renee and Ashlyn at Curio Hair and Body in the Upper Canada Mall, (Newmarket, ON) coloured the wig while Dianne at Natural Solutions Salon and Spa in the Markville Mall (Markham, ON) cut and styled it.

A lot of people like the wig. But I find it funny how so many people say that they prefer the shaved head instead. I think it’s just because they have seen me so long with no hair that it because normal for them.

Will I wear this wig all the time from now on? Who knows. But, it’s nice to finally have a comfortable alternative.

Until next time ;)

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