Plan Ahead

Itchy, red, scalp. Here we go again.

I can always tell when I am going to have a large amount of hair loss. It all starts with my head becoming extremely itchy. You don’t want to scratch because you will rip out the new fine growth, but at times it can become unbearable.

Recently, it’s been happening again. The crown of my head was incredibly itchy for a week and now the hair is almost completely gone. The itching gets so bad that sometimes I am worried that I am ripping out hair in my sleep because of it.

On Twitter, one of my followers had asked if I had any symptoms other than hair loss. It was soon after that I realized my weak immune system is a symptom of alopecia. As you may or may not know, alopecia is an auto-immune disorder where my immune system thinks that hair growth is trying to attack my body. As a defence mechanism my immune system kills the hair before it has a chance to kill me. (Thanks a lot body…) anyways, I think that because my immune system is so busy with killing off my hair that it forgets to protect me from everyday germs. I am sick CONSTANTLY. If someone I come into contact with has a cold it is almost a guarantee that I will get it too.

Some have suggested to take supplements to strengthen my immune system but that scares me. What if I make my immune system so strong that it wipes out all of my hair at once? In my opinion, a cold everyday is with having hair.

Until next time :)

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