Restoring the Union of Wealth, Sex & Spirit,Creating a World of Time, Pleasure & Play

Recently, I heard of a meeting in England at which the world’s wealthy addressed the critical, urgent needs of our times. Issues that threaten our very existence.

Yet there is something that still is not noticed or mentioned, a truth that’s important and must be expressed… and that truth is this:

Until we acknowledge, address and provide for the erotic needs of our society, we will not resolve the fundamental ills of our society.

Sex is the most powerful energy on the planet. It gives us birth. It catalyzes our most important cycles in life. It brings together and breaks apart our families. It forms the foundation of the most lucrative sites on the internet. It powers the world’s fashion, recreation and advertising markets. It causes more family violence than all other concerns. It is the source of our greatest over-population and health care issues.

And yet we ignore it when we educate our children, when we structure our communities, when we consider the causes and solutions to our collapsing World.

I believe that a holistic approach to the world’s global crisis must immediately address the issue of sex and how it can become the solution we need.

A solution that weans us from our addiction to a Production/Consumption Economy. A solution that addresses the roots of our addiction to shopping and eating. A solution that completely alters the Relational Wellness of couples and singles. A solution that restores the Union of Wealth, Sex and Spirit and Creates a World of Time, Pleasure and Play.

The Achaur, co-founders of the renowned Pachamama Alliance, say:

“To change the world, you have to change the dream of the world. You have to change the “more” of which people are dreaming.”

But how do you change a dream? You can’t guilt people into it, you can’t should them into it. You can’t scare them into it. You have to inspire them into it. You have to present a new dream, so deeply compelling, that change is organic and happens with ease.

Giving the world an Erotic Solution that fulfills our spiritual, sexual and financial needs, is what I’m proposing. It’s a solution so bold it takes “Beyond the Box” thinking and “Beyond the Box” action in terms of support.

Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica Spiritual School, says: “When you get your limits, you get your maturity.”

In this time, as our financial, political, social and ecological systems collapse all around us, we as a world are getting our limits. At age 69, as I face my own limits, I am getting my maturity… the now or never need to deliver my gifts.

And so I am calling out to your Spirit, inviting you into the greatest of games. I promise you fun beyond what you’re feeling, I promise you love that expands in your life, I promise you health that results from right action. I promise achievement of that which we dream.

If you are reading this message, you are a one whom The Goddess is calling. Calling you forth to be part of HER team.

Let us bring to the world THE EROTIC SOLUTION: Fulfilling Our Sexual, Spiritual, Financial Needs. It’s what we all come from, it’s how we’ll transform.