Just go.

Not too long ago I moved over to Canada. Vancouver to be exact. I did the cliche – quit my job and went half way across the world. This time a bit older, but through the murmurs of my family not wiser.

I feel like I have hit a bit of a reset. As a designer I felt like I needed to push myself to start to create more unique and expressive works, I felt like I couldn’t do that being surrounded by the familiar. And, as an added bonus life gains a bit of perspective when you are far from your roots.

The move wasn’t the big step. The choice of the move was, along with people’s reactions.

Leaving a career to go into the unknown. Due to a lot of movies out there the choice of packing things in and moving to a new place meant you were searching for something or running away, there is little to no consideration that the world is there to be explored.

These deep set views come back to what I see as the traditional undercurrent that still drives us today, as much as we see the rise in digital nomads, huge tech start ups I still think the traditional way of the working class life is so entrenched in our society that if you choose to do things a little differently there is something wrong.

Maybe now more that ever we are in uncertain times, scary maybe if you think too much about it, but we are still here for whatever reason and life will be as it is. Turn off the news for a while and don’t let the self-doubt creep in. We can not control much at all, if we try and stay in a bubble we may think we are safe until life happens upon you. Bubbles do pop.

If you feel stuck, move. A lot of us are luckier than we think and if we are willing to work in different industries, you can survive financially and live completely.

Just listen to what you truly want, make a move and believe the best is yet to come.