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Many projects have chosen the path of blockchain technology to enhance their projects and give consumers a truly decentralized and secure platform to benefit from and use safely.

Audiolox Secure Music Platform Web3 application has done just that, the new Ai technology will enhance blockchain security tenfold because of the Ai’s complete decentralization of all data information. AUDIOLOX Secure Music Platform is a revolutionary stand-alone music platform that utilizes the artificial Intelligence of LoxSync technology and Blockchain. This music platform developed by Audiolox is designed to enable the music industry to regain control over its intellectual property and to protect its content from being copied and distributed illegally. The neuromorphic Ai brain includes nano optic technology, granting the Ai to correspond with its neural network and particle data environment, which removes all forms of data. In addition, the neuromorphic Ai brain has internal banking, data tracking, and on-demand security with a real-time customer management system.

ALOX token holders belong to Audiolox’s decentralized organization. As a result, they can play a part in shaping the platform’s growth by designing the benchmark of the most popular songs and performers.

The ALOX token will have two primary purposes:

1) To raise the last round of funds to finish the Audiolox Secure Music Platform.

2) To utilize the token for premium in-app purchases, such as individual subscriptions, online merchandise, gift the token to other subscribers, and more.

The music industry is so vast in itself. It contains many apps and platforms that are very popular. Still, in reality, they benefit themselves more than they do the users. Audiolox seeks to bring in a new era of a music platform built using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Audiolox will be a game changer to the music industry and creators who can use our user-friendly decentralized platform and be safe. Creators and users alike will be able to benefit from the platform and stream their favorite songs offline and with no extra storage necessary.

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ALOX Token, the first Web3 Ai In-App token to be utilized on a music app for premium subscribers on Audiolox Secure Music Platform.