Workplace of now

About a month back i was traveling to South East Asia on business and came across a workplace that resemble a fusion of a “warehouse” + “hangout”.

Warehouse because of the ceiling is made out of… nothing but light and some wires. Chairs are anything that can be sit on, like a Pail. Tables are intended makeshift tables placed on top of drums but! ergonomically designed. Meaning it was intentional to give the look but still keep ergonomics.

Hangout because the people in the workplace just hangs out and discuss the now as the future. I mean they are formulating the present to chart for the future. Very infectious :) A key characteristic also of a hangout for me is how you just love to stay and do all sorts of stuff in that place, i.e. invent!

What greets you when you enter the floor area is

When you enter the door, you are greeted by this… absolutely mind blowing!

The vibe also on the workplace is so vibrant that you can feel creativity flowing on every corner. The way people discuss, chat and just move you can see synergy all over. The people who roam these type of workplace felt very dynamic and filled with passion. Its like they were on a mission!

My takeaway from this is, having an open workarea just breaks the hierarchy and just let everyone collaborate and share ideas across.

But creativity i think can be made anywhere, any place no real preference. These kind of workplaces are very effective i think for team based creativity where collaboration is key to get things moving. The other type of it is individual creativity which can come even if your just stuck in traffic!

If i get a chance to design a workplace in the future! will absolutely consider open and very collaborative friendly work area like this.

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