First post,

As an avid reader, love to read from experiences from other people, to learn from others.

This year has been a very strange but in a good way.

After 2 years without a job, after pitching my idea to goverment, and other venture capital, i found at the beginning of the year a job, teaching.

First of all let me tell you something about me, i’m an introvert, i recharge with alone time, i enojy the silence.

Becoming a teacher was something out of my norm, how someone that likes being alone can teach, i did and became the 3 teacher best evaluated in the institution, i learned that i can be in front of strangers and be someone diferent, 8 months i worked in the teaching field.

In may i recieved an offer to work for an international company, the interview was up to june and i started work in agust.

4 months into the new job, i love it, every aspect, the work culture, the way the boss let you make things and show results, how i travel, met new places and new people, to see that everything that i learn is useful.


2015 thanks for giving me this oportunity and 2016 bring it on, i’m ready

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