What Are A Timing Pulley And Considerable Things About Them?

A pulley is mainly a wheel on a shaft or axle which is constructed to support the change of direction and movement using a belt or a taut cable along its circumference. Pulleys are used because of different reasons such as applying forces, lifting loads, transmitting power, and changing the direction. In nautical contexts, the term “block” is used in reference to an axle, wheel and supporting shell. A pulley is also often called a drum or sheave, and it may have one or more grooves between two flanges around its circumference. The drive element which a pulley system can use includes a cable, rope, chain or belt. It runs over the pulley inside one or more grooves. Pulleys are installed to form a tackle and block to provide mechanical advantage in order to apply forces. As a part of chain or belt drives, pulleys are also assembled in order to transit force from one rotating shaft to another.

What Is A Timing Pulley?

A timing pulley is a rubber pulley which is located behind the driver belts in the engine compartment. The function of this is to keep the camshaft(s) and the crankshaft in sync, making sure the proper operation and timing of the engine valves and the engine too.

Things to consider

· While replacing a timing pulley or belt, do not forget to replace the tensioner, water pump and pulleys
· In case, tensioners and pulleys fail after replacing only the belt, it may cause piston or valve damage and result in repairs that are more expensive. That is why the whole set should be replaced to ensure the safe running of the engine
· Only water pump can be replaced if it is run by the timing belt; a fact for 60% of cars

Different Types Of Pulley Systems

Fixed — The axle of the fixed pulley is mounted in bearings connected to a supporting structure. A fixed pulley is used to change the direction of the force on a belt or rope which moves along its circumference. Mechanical advantage can be derived by using a fixed pulley with a movable pulley or another fixed pulley which has a different diameter.

Movable — The axis of a movable pulley is present in a movable block. Two parts of the same rope are used to support a single movable pulley.

Compound — a compound pulley is a combination of both fixed and movable pulleys used to form a tackle and block. A tackle and block can boast several pulleys mounted on the moving and fixed axles. This further increases the mechanical advantage.

When a timing pulley breaks, the engine stops running. After its breaking, there no longer remains a connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft.

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