Friday 19th May

We are a “boy-clean” ship with our standards set and policed by Skipper Drewry, conditioned as he is to the exacting requirements of the catering industry, in which he has multi-decade years of experience, purveying beverage apparatusses/apparati. Thus, yesterday, Drewry vacuum-cleaned the accomodation and then tidied all the yacht, rail and other personal interest literature off the saloon table, and we dined below for the first time. This will be repeated weekly, so, at least twice more before we get to Horta.

We also showered; one-by-one and all. This ritual has a two-day frequency and runs as follows: generator on, watermaker on, salinity below 780, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, water overflows to sink, watermaker off, battery above 98%, generator off. Result: clean boys, charged batteries, pressed-up tanks.

On the navigational front, we have now hit a broad band of high pressure, comprising a merged Azores and Bermuda High. We are motoring across it at c 45o True. This is going to take several days. The night watch enjoyed a beautiful moonrise and just now we sighted two whales, just off our stern, heading South.

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Over an’ out or aye, aye as they say in The Forces!

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