Sunday 14th May

It is 0715 local Antiguan time, and we are now 24 hours nearer Western Europe, aka Civilization (the spell-checker is American, so forgive the over-abundance of “zee”s you will come across in these daily updates.)

Having planned to depart at 0630 on Saturday, we were pleased to get away as timely as we did. With Dermot up the mast to check the rigging as a last control, our slight delay was entirely due to the winchman being reluctant to let him down… until we were able to comprehend what he was muttering from up there.

Current location >>

The weather so far has been benign and very much in line with forecast: 10 to 15 knots ESE. With “blue goo” ( that is sub-6 knot wind, often colour-coded blue by forecast charts and router programs) to the right and to the left of us, we are carefully threading our way in a generally NNE direction, sometimes sailing, sometimes engine-assisted, supported by excellent routing from our sofa-navigator in Lisboa, sailonline’s very own Joao Malafaia, proprietor of Pertis Civil Engineers.

All are well, and we still have plenty of shteak and shpuds, but rest assured we have no intention of pulling like dogs or indeed Ireland’s Double Schull (Skib denizens actually) silver medallists, the O’Sullivan brothers. However, we will be becoming gradually more concerned as the fifth day at sea approaches as our chef, Mick, is only a demi-God and has commanded that on the fifth day he shall rest.