Nobody can take your Bitcoin, Alphonse. That’s what makes it great.
Mike Belshe

Haven’t had time to block me here like you do on twitter? Your tirades where you disregard the technical advise of your experts are much less entertaining when I can only see their replies.

A corporate takeover of Bitcoin is not what I signed up for, nor is it something that millions of others did. A bitcoin that can be changed by prideful and arrogant CEOs who ignore their CTOs and the world class developers that brought us this far is not one that will succeed. A Bitcoin that blindly follow miners that can be influenced by a meeting in Beijing and a few knocks on the door is not one I signed up for nor one that millions of others want.

The market is speaking loudly too, it doesn’t want your vision of Bitcoin that is trading at a mere 13% of the consensus-vision of Bitcoin. Are you really so prideful now to force losses of innocent users? Is that how you expect to welcome them to the ecosystem?

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