A Jiffy!
This is not about love
neither about us
So, just go through it
Hope you’ll like it a bit
For it’s about the moments we shared
Which keeps us paired
Things would have been different
life would have been the same
"I" was always my preference
But some moments had made a difference.
The moments of happiness
Satisfied at times
Yes! I have someone around
Who will always be mine.
Day n night, lost in your world
Mesmerized and completely absorbed.
Yes! I loved your chit-chat...how stupid they had been
For listening to them, I always remained keen.
You’re Rude, boastful, taunting & maligning
Had all the way lead to my proper aligning.
What we once dreamt of
Gradually came to life
I love you to the core
Don’t worry, I won’t b your wife.
You made my days, you made my nights
Not to forget the yummy love bytes.
You made me do things your way
But now alone when I lay
I feel a sense of incompleteness
And how things were different with your goodness.
I am your & you are mine
This is the thing which keeps me fine
So to meet you and love endlessly
I am always dying.
Moments!! Surround me when I am alone
Moments!! You heartthrobed me
Moments!! Which shall never return
And the Moments in which I had lived my complete life
I wish these Moments come around and go.
Either it’s these moments
Or I will be left dormant
You make me & I make you
Agree?! Else I’ll be in a torment.
YES! It’s all about love & us
And the moments I treasure
I lied in the beginning
as your interest I was seeking
If you had known the truth
I fear you hadn’t read it even
For God sake! Now don’t feel misleaden.

(Just a piece of my writing, nothing serious :P)

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