As a leader, have you ever had the followers who are passive but lacks responsibilities? Or, who needs your direction always and ever?, Or who are always active and loyal shining star in your organization?

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Just like there are different types of coffees, Yes, there are different types of followers too. As a leader, you must always know about your followers, as followers are the most essential part of the leadership equation.

There are different followership types and the leaders must be able to act according…

In order to be successful at any stage, both the followers and leaders must be effective and supportive of one another. The relationship between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow is a strong relationship.

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The leader has major roles and responsibilities of sharing his vision, goals, and objectives and guiding his/her followers towards it. Similarly, the followers have his/her own roles and responsibilities to significantly contribute to the leader’s plans and the process by sharing trust, loyalty, emotions, etc. by remaining on the same page. According to Cavell (2007), followers should be able to act…

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