I’m stunned by how many people run businesses and expect others to care about their business as much as they do.
How To Have Zero Expectations
Gary Vaynerchuk

Many people would have a hard time arguing with this, and unfortunately; Just as much difficult executing on it. ‘Smile through the phone’ and other business messaging is hard to follow when the entire relationship feels like legally permissible Stockholm Syndrome.

Speaking personally, the corruption of this messaging across the business world; ‘love our business or you’re fired’, is why I stopped working for employers. I’ll certainly work with, but not for.

Am I crushing it? Not yet, but the only direction I can move in is forward; and I feel better now than I ever have, outside of watching Saturday Morning Cartoons as a child while my Capn’ Crunch got soggy.

Good stuff, Gary. Thanks for all you give and I wish you continued success and ownership of the Jets.

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