Just sometime before the end of my life I want to remember everything that happened, be it good or bad, small or big, happy or sad… everything!!

But when I do so, what I want is not to feel regret. I want to see myself taking most of the chances I get, I want to see myself enjoying life, I want to see myself love someone deeply and truly.

And when I die I want to say to myself “Anshika, I know it was a difficult journey, but you did well.”

Because I know in the end what matters is your feelings. Not your money, not your family, not your friends. They were just a part of your journey. The journey where the only thing that will be with you is your soul. And at the end what will matter is the memories you made during that journey.

I know it is difficult, very difficult but I know in my heart that I still have a purpose. I know there is something very good waiting for me.


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