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Since 2015, Adobe stopped upgrading their professional grading software Adobe Speedgrade, and started working on an in-app solution, the Lumetri panel in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

In the beginning, we directors & editors loved this concept, it sounded like an easier and faster workflow, something like what resolve users already has.

But what really happened, is that adobe instead of creating a full page or interface dedicated to color grading, they just added a very simple panel that only capable of doing some basic color correction (not Color Grading!).

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Lumetri panel in Adobe Premiere

They tried to mimic Light Room tools inside Premiere, to make the process easier for all type of users, and to be honest it did, a lot of people are now able to edit and color correct their footage even if they are not professional colorists, using few sliders and LUTs. …


Bilal Alsurri

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