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ALPHA Camp’s old campus in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

When Bernard started ALPHA Camp in 2014, he knew it was going to be a challenge to build a business that can really empower people for the future of work through lifelong learning.

Students from different backgrounds would come into an in class, immersive, full-time commitment. …

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As Singapore’s tech scene has grown over the years, so has interest in tech jobs, and in turn, coding bootcamps as a means to get there. According to Course Report, a coding bootcamp review site, the number of bootcamp graduates has grown 10x in the last 4 years.

Beyond the hype, participating in an intensive bootcamp requires substantial time and financial investments. Is it really for you?

Our short answer to you — it depends. Coding bootcamps are most worth it for students who want to quickly learn development and land a job in tech, and are willing (and able) to significantly alter their lifestyles and routines to do so. …

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A web application is kind of like an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg is what a user can see and interact with, termed the “front-end”. …



We develop talents of the future 💪 find out more at sg.alphacamp.co

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