Why the Green Party Has Destroyed Itself with Jill Stein
Sasha Stone

Oh boy, so much hate flung in your direction by so-called discerning, progressive people.

In any case, oddly I’d just read this earlier today, and somehow came across your post and saw that it presented a level of validation.

In summary, a rational progressive should not delude him/herself into believing that Jill has a chance of winning. The conclusion to that post was particularly illuminating: if you really want to institute change, we need bottoms up improvement (progressive House seats, progressive governors).

Even in the infinitely small chance that Jill won, she would be absolutely powerless in a two-party system that would just veto her every whim without a second thought. 
I’m not casting Hillary as an innocent lamb free of wrongdoing, but in this fakked-up election year, she truly is the only choice we have to prevent certain doom at the hands of the Don.

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