Bootstrapping vs VC isn’t only about how fast you grow or how much you (over)spend.
Dmitry Davydov

Absolutely Dmitry! If you take any investment, it’s important to be aligned with and understand the motives of the people providing you investment. It’s not something that is without cost or should be done lightly.

Raising a $6 million series A from a venture capital firm is a very different proposition than raising from angel investors or a seed fund. A successful exit in their case might be 10x or BUST within 5 — 7 years whereas other types of investors have different expectations for ownership as well as a what exits are wins for them. I could have sworn Gabriel Weinberg wrote a post about how fundraising affects your possible successful outcomes as a founder.

In our case, we have some really great, supportive investors who might have opinions that we should do something a little different, and *could* make things difficult procedurally for us like not signing paperwork, but don’t have control over how we run the business day to day.

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