Alphacon (ALP), Applies ILO to Minimize Investor Risk

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May 30 · 3 min read
  • ILO (Inside Listing Offering), applying investment methods of listed companies in the existing capital market
  • In case of the decline in value of invested cryptocurrency, additional cryptocurrency is provided to be 110% of the investment amount through Refixing
▲ ILO (Inside Listing Offering) Conceptual Diagram

On the 30th it was announced that blockchain-based healthcare data platform, Alphacon Network Foundation, will start attracting investment through ILO (Inside Listing Offering), an investment method that minimizes the risk of coin investments.

ILO is a concept applied to the cryptocurrency market by applying the Refixing method of CB (Convertible Bond) and BW (Bond with Warrant), which is a method of investing by listed companies in the existing capital market. The Korea M&A Center has designed this method upon consultation with financial and legal experts to provide a safe was to invest in cryptocurrency.

Because existing common methods of investing in cryptocurrency, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), and IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), are target uncertain blockchain projects before listing on an exchange, there is a high risk of the cryptocurrency decreasing in value after the listing. In order to overcome these shortcomings, the ILO pays an additional cryptocurrency to refund the value of 110% of the existing investment through Refixing, if the value of the cryptocurrency falls below the purchase price.

In addition, the Korea M&A Center selects ILO projects under strict criteria. Applications will only be accepted for projects that satisfy the following conditions: exchange listing for a minimum of 6 months listing, listing on five or more exchanges, transaction amount, amount of collateral holdings, existence of a real-life service or Dapp, a confirmed profit model, a Mainnet and technological capability, and real-life use.

Alphacon’s ILO will be conducted through a designated exchange, and participants will be able to purchase Alphacon through the exchange and guaranteed additional coin amounts through the exchange in the event of Refixing.

The Alphacon ILO has been confirmed for the following exchanges starting on June 4th, ProBit, Hanbitco, Coin Pass, Borabit, and Coin25EX. In addition, discussions are being held with additional global exchanges for the ILO.

Sean Ryu, CEO of the Korea M&A Center, which developed the ILO method stated, “Blockchain projects, like venture company projects require constant funding during growth, but with the current market, it is difficult to get funding for listed coins. We hope that other excellent blockchain-based projects will be funded smoothly through the ILO after being listed, thus providing an opportunity for the blockchain industry to develop further.”

Earlier this year, Alphacon launched its Mainnet and launched the Alpha-Chain project. The Alpha-Chain is a project that utilizes the Alphacon Mainnet coin as a key currency, for the purpose of financing, like existing Ethereum-based ICOs, and features various cooperative structures such as PR & Marketing, Business Accelerating, blockchain technical support, etc.

Alphacon, which is already being used in various hospitals, is planning to expand its use to various industries such as healthcare, golf, and gift certificates through the Alpha-Chain, and through this ILO, it will focus its efforts on global expansion and marketing of Alphacon.

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