Alphacon Gets Listed on the Global Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coin Zeus

On April 1st, it was announced that the Alphacon Network Foundation, the blockchain-based healthcare data platform, will be listing its ALP cryptocurrency on the Coin Zeus global exchange starting at 11am (KST).

Coin Zeus is a global cryptocurrency exchange that has more than 100,000 users worldwide, supporting various languages such as Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. Since its first listing on Bit Sonic( in October last year, Alphacon has been steadily promoting its domestic real-life usage ecosystem, and has been listed on exchanges with many overseas users in line with its roadmap to expand its ecosystem around the world this year.

Coin Zeus operates so that it can only be traded for verified cryptocurrency through its own listing policies, including the credibility of the issuing entity, legal information, feasibility, technology and current progress. In addition, recent issues with the security of cryptocurrency exchanges have resulted in Coin Zeus increasing their security and transaction efficiency to provide an environment where customers can safely trade their assets.

The Alphacon Network Foundation provides personalized health solutions optimized for each individual through the Alphacon ecosystem, and aims to lead the 120-year lifespan of the Alpha Age by keeping everyone in optimum health.

Currently, about 10 hospitals in Korea are able to pay hospital bills through Alphacon (ALP), and services are being established for use not only in Korea but also in overseas hospitals including China and Vietnam. Furthermore, the company plans to expand the payment service for Alphacon to the entire healthcare industry, including the fitness centers, opticians, etc.

Alphacon Network Foundation CEO Siwon Hahm stated, “We have been working to increase the value of Alphacon coins and revitalize the ecosystem since first getting listed in October of last year. This month, we are launching an Alphacon application to make it more convenient to use it in real life. A new Alphacon ecosystem will be opened through the Alphacon Dapp.”