my23 Healthcare CEO Siwon Hahm, “Now is the Start of Business Acceleration”

  • Using over 20 years of experience in PR/Marketing to change the paradigm
  • “The source of happiness is challenge, change, and passion. “
my23 Healthcare CEO, Siwon Hahm

“my23 Healthcare can be viewed as a client of Hahm Shout. Whereas previous services focused solely on PR/marketing, now it is a new concept to achieve evolution and upgrading of business. It is a ‘Business Acceleration’ service that goes beyond simply providing goods and services as it manages overall business such as marketing, promotion, sales, organizational structure, etc. as well as providing services and products.

The leader of my23 Healthcare which provides Big Data-based healthcare service and the Co-CEO of Hahm Shout, one of Korea’s largest PR agencies, Siwon Hahm has garnered a lot of attention recently; not for her expertise in PR/Marketing, but her entry into the healthcare industry.

Ms. Hahm established her own company at the age of 29, and has been working in the PR/Marketing industry for over 20 years. As such, her rank as the CEO of my23 Healthcare stands out. Some criticized her for entering the healthcare industry, claiming that she wasn’t remaining faithful to the her expertise and that it wasn’t prudent to enter an industry she had no previous experience in. However, Ms. Hahm sees it differently. Being the CEO of my23 Healthcare does not mean she is ignoring her expertise and entering the healthcare industry; the importance lies in the fact that she is transforming the service paradigm of the 4.0 Generation of PR/Marketing.

Ms. Hahm explained, “Some say to me that I have started a new business. But my23 Healthcare is simply a result of the capabilities of Hahm Shout to provide differentiated services that expand the market. The fact that it is the healthcare industry is not important. While I am currently focused on my23 Healthcare right now, it is simply the top project for Hahm Shout at this moment. Projects in beauty, distribution, etc. could be next; with even more projects in other fields down the line.”

Currently, while my23 Healthcare utilizes Big Data to provide personalized healthcare solutions, it also produces the ‘Selina’ body index analyzer and is developing an exclusive data platform. Recently, it has expanded its scope to include a blockchain ecosystem by establishing a system that exchanges cryptocurrency for data from consumers.

“My employees always ask me where I get my energy from. Whenever I get this question, I respond be saying ‘this is who I’ve always been’. In life, happiness is important. Some people feel happiness through having fun and playing all the time. I feel happiness through achievement. Whenever I do something, I focus on it completely and learn about it in great depth. Through this I can achieve the best results possible, and get recognized for my efforts. That is when I feel happiness. For me, it is all about focusing on that tasks at hand, and successfully completing them with passion.”

Ms. Hahm acknowledges that people gauge levels of passion differently. They can focus on their work and be passionate, but the target of that passion is not always the same.

“Everyone has a different scope of passion. In the past, I used to always ask ‘where is the passion?’, but know I realize that everyone has different types of passion. However, living the same as the previous day will result in regression tomorrow. Tomorrow only exists if we do better today than we did yesterday. This is the reason why since starting my own business at the age of 29, I have always been at the top of my game and dedicated to doing my best.”