My23 Healthcare Launches the ‘Alpha-Coin’ App to Lead the Blockchain Healthcare Market

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Jun 10 · 3 min read

On the 10th, healthcare service platform company, my23 Healthcare launched the Alpha-Coin healthcare reward app which allows for cryptocurrency payments and rewards for healthcare related services.

Recently, large companies such as Samsung, Naver, and Kakao have also decided to invest in businesses that combine blockchain to healthcare services and are seeking to enter the market. As a result, healthcare services, which are combined with various technology such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, cryptocurrency and DApp, are drawing attention from the market.

With the healthcare industry gradually revitalizing, my23 Healthcare launched a healthcare coin reward app, which enables payment within the platform as well as being linked to coin rewards for healthcare services, for the first time in the industry. In particular, my23 Healthcare’s ‘Alpha-Coin’ app features the introduction of its own ‘Alphacon’, a cryptocurrency currency issued by the blockchain-based data platform Alphacon Network Foundation, which makes cryptocurrency easy to use in real life.

■ Getting Cryptocurrency in Your Wallet Everyday, Just By Installing it!

The Alpha-Coin App provides a ‘Walk Challenge’ feature that automatically measures the number of footsteps taken automatically as the main service after installation. Walking is the foundation of all health. Walking lightly during the day can relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, and prevent diabetes. With Alpha-Coin app, users can get 5 points per day and accumulate points every day. Accumulated points can be exchanged for Alpha-Coin coins.

An event is underway to provide 200 Alphacon coins to users who install the Alphacon Coin Wallet, which allows for the storage and transfer of Alphacon, and link their wallet address to the app. In addition, staking is also possible through the wallet coin node for users to receive block compensation.

■ Maintain Health and Get Rewards At the Same Time!

The ‘Alpha-Coin’ app does not only offer coin rewards, but also allows users to quickly and conveniently pay for a variety of products within the app, including genomic analysis services and nutritional supplements. The existing services and products offered by my23 healthcare can all be paid for through credit cards or Alphacon cryptocurrency. Services include analysis services such as genomic analysis services and hair nutrition balance tests, as well as personalized nutrition and health food based on analysis results. Additional coin rewards will be available for purchase.

■ Confirming Various Networks That Accept Alphacon as Payment

Checking company information and schedule counseling through the ‘Alpha-Coin’ app is possible for a variety of affiliates, including hospitals and clinics, fitness centers and hair shops. In addition, payment can be made through Alphacon coins, with various rewards given when payments are made. Additional Alphacon can be received through a review events as well.

The Alpha-Coin app is available for free on the Android Google Play Store and the iOS version is expected to be registered on the App Store within this month. The Alpha-Coin app, which has currently launched as the first 1.0 version, plans to strengthen its service to generate and store more meaningful healthcare data in the 2.0 version, and will further expand the network for Alphacon coin payments.

My23 Healthcare CEO, Sung Min Jo stated, “The launch of this application is not only convenient to provide the existing my23 Healthcare services in an app, but it is significant in that it is a smart healthcare project using the Alphacon coin. “It is noteworthy that Alpha Coin App has taken the lead in related industries by launching apps that can actually be used in markets ahead of Naver, Kakao, etc. “In the future, we will further develop applications through securing healthcare data and expanding partnerships, and we will strive to provide smart healthcare through our services.”

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