Choosing A Right Bathrobe With Good Fabric

Donning a bathrobe is an experience in and of itself. We slide into a robe to escape the oppression of the day, and to liberate ourselves into a cozy and relaxing state of mind.

With that, it’s certainly worth noting that the type of fabric used in constructing your robe makes all the difference. Not all robes will serve the same in every situation, and personal preference is always a factor to be considered!

Here are a few things to look for when choosing the fabric for your robes:


Different fabrics have different weights, with some being light and airy and others heavier and more substantial. Satin bathrobe is a good example of the former, with the latter falling in line with fabrics such as waffle weave or thick flannel.

It’s entirely possible to love every aspect of a robe, but to feel a little up in the air on the weight. When in doubt, we recommend choosing the lightest-weight fabric that will keep you comfortable in your climate.


If you’re using the robe in a spa environment, after taking a bath, or poolside, then absorbency will be a factor. In these cases, terry or microfiber are often preferred, but bear in mind that absorbent materials will be heavier (see the previous point.)


Robes are available in differing lengths, fitments, and sleeve lengths — as well as specific styles such as kimono. In many cases, the best choice of style will be the one that catches your eye and suits your environment. For the best fit, you may want to consider a custom robe rather than a one-size-fits-all selection.


The look of the robe is largely a matter of personal taste, although some styles are only available in particular fabrics. If you’re looking for a truly eye-catching robe, check out our floral patterns!

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