Which Bathrobes are Right for Your Business

Spa and salon operators take heed: your choice of robe can make or break the user experience for your guests! Selecting your robes shouldn’t be a purely cost-based matter when maximizing comfort will play such a huge role in pleasing your customer base.

So how do you decide which robe is best for your spa or salon business? Read through these points to get started down the right path!

Waffle Weave bathrobes

Waffle Weave bathrobes

You’ll recognize these robes immediately thanks to their namesake pattern of raised checks or diamonds. Waffle weave robes are both comfortable and cost-effective, often the first choice for giveaway items or promotional gifts. If your guests will be keeping their robes when they leave, you may want to consider this less expensive option.

Cotton Terry bathrobes

Cotton Terry bathrobes

Terry is a very common material for robes, especially in spas and hotels. This simple but cozy fabric gets the job done and provides comfort in nearly any temperature. Terry robes are recommended when there’s a chance they’ll be used by the pool or hot tub.

Satin bathrobes

Satin bathrobes

Satin is a luxurious and attractive material with a distinct sheen and light weight. For an attractive robe that really conveys a feeling of pampering, satin often tops the list. If your robes will be used in a hot location, it’s worth noting that satin is a little bit warmer than cotton terry.

Kimono bathrobes

Kimono bathrobes

A kimono carries with it a completely different look and feel, and they’re often chosen to fit a theme or create a higher-end experience for the guests. Kimono fabric is smooth and silky, a more airy and wispy feeling versus flannel, cotton terry, or velour.


Don’t forget to check out our customization options! Nothing brings your robes to the next level like a custom-embroidered logo! This small bit of detail can help your spa or salon stand apart, add to the overall professionalism of the look, and serve as a constant reminder of the business. Logos are even more effective on robes that guests take home with them, as they continue to advertise your business long after they’ve returned home.

At Alpha Cotton, we carry a huge selection of robes and accessories for home and commercial use. No matter your business (or pleasure) we’re sure to have something you’ll love for years and years. Head over to our catalog now and see everything we have to offer!

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