The Beauty Within Chaos

He watches less with a sense of empathy and more with a look of ‘move the fuck on’ at the teenage girl. Carrying an almost lifeless baby, she is cleaning the bonnet of his car with the dirtiest rag.

He looks impatiently at the traffic light and then at his watch. He decides to wend his way through crowded bottlenecks jumping a couple of lights. He reaches his destination 40 minutes late.

“Why do people go to rooftop restaurants? Because life is peaceful here? Do they want to be closer to the blue sky? Or is it for the view of the skyline?” he asks only to avoid her scolding for him being late as always.

“I don’t know about others, but I come here to have a different perspective of things I am already familiar with.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look down. Have you ever seen a traffic jam so beautiful?”

He leans over the parapet to look and it certainly isn’t an everyday sight. Irritating noises, thick black exhausts and naked begging kids are replaced by a mesmerising pattern of car lights, a cosmic symphony of car horns.

“It’s how you perceive things, you see. Down there the traffic owns you. Here, you own the traffic,” she breaks his reverie.

The next day, staring at two glowing tail lamps in the front, he smiles. He smiles looking at the rooftop where he was last night. He smiles knowing that he can be a pixel in a beautiful picture that someone over there might be painting.

He now loves the traffic. He loves the way it slows things down. It provides him to think about important things even amidst a swarm of people and vehicles. He has embraced the beauty within chaos.

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