How to use dog training shock collar

Dog training shock collar as a method of training your dog all by yourself is becoming increasingly famous. There are little doubts about its feasibility, usability and effectiveness. However, finding the best one available in the market is still not easy. Hence, you must trust no other brand than Doged Collars. These collars are extremely safe for your dog and are easy on your pocket.

dog training shock collar

Though your dog may be your best buddy, he can easily give you a tough time if he is not trained properly. While professional dog training sounds the most plausible solution not everybody can go for it, owing to reasons such as exorbitant costs and lack of trust in the trainer. In such scenarios, dog training shock collar is a great alternative for you.

dog training shock collar

These are also suited for you if your dog loves to play around in water. Waterproof in nature, this dog training shock collar won’t be an obstruction in your pet’s fun. Since the dog collars made by Dog Ed are waterproof in nature, you don’t need to fret about controlling your dog’s movement when he’s indulging in some outdoor fun. A range of 900 feet make these collars extremely easy to use without having to run around chasing your dog.

dog training shock collar

An adjustable size makes these collars suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes. These collars have 3 different modes of training including tone, shock and vibration. Another impressive feature is of the automatic power saver at the receiver end which saves you the trouble of charging it or changing its batteries very often.

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