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XGBoost (eXtreme Gradient Boosting) is an advanced implementation of gradient boosting algorithm. What differentiates it from other boosting algorithms is its speed and accuracy.

In order to fully master XGBoost, you will need a lot of hours and different projects, but we hope this to be a solid starting point.

Installing XGBoost

To install XGBoost library in Python just type pip install xgboost in your command prompt.

In this tutorial we will be using other libraries, so it goes the same for them. Type pip install [LibraryName] in the command prompt if you don’t have them installed already.

Reading the data set

First we need to read the data from file and prepare it for training our model. For that we will use pandas library and its read_csv method. …

Artificial Intelligence

Are chatbots and self-driving cars going to make people lose their jobs?

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Artificial intelligence-based systems and chatbots are taking every industry by storm. The concern of AI taking over everyone’s jobs is becoming increasingly urgent as recent AI breakthroughs attract public attention. As much as they are playing an important role in making tasks and processes better, their effect on human-centered jobs and capabilities in the workplace has become a major debate. As AI progresses, some believe that it will steadily and inevitably take over large sectors of the workforce and will bring mass-scale unemployment and social unrest. …

Some time ago, an episode of this show inspired me to write a story where I discussed that certain technologies shown in these dark scenarios may actually be attainable, and maybe even already existing. We are going to rely on the part I, so if you didn’t, please read it before you proceed reading this one. The episode which we discussed is centered around a young woman’s coping of her boyfriend’s death, which led her to apply to an online service. …

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If you’ve visited any website recently, you’ve probably come across a chatbot.
Chatbots have become widely popular in past few years, and we owe that to many enhancements in machine learning and other underlying technologies (such as NLP).
The exhilaration about chatbots is growing and that is due to chatbots getting more responsive, more intelligent, and more useful.

It’s evident that the emerging Artificial Intelligence application draws attention from numerous people who’d like to contribute by taking part. But where do you start?

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If you’re reading this article, you should already be aware of the impact that AI brought to humanity. You should also be familiar with the fact that we’re not even exploiting it as much as we could. We should be prepared to embrace the exponential growth of advancement of AI technologies. There’s this question I’ve heard multiple times. To be honest, I’ve even asked it myself.

How can I learn Machine Learning?

You can’t. That’s something I’ve learned during my time in one of Microsoft’s Development Centers. Machine Learning is not something you learn and apply. It’s something that’s based on methods that give outstanding results when being used in specific areas. So we should start with a different question. …

What separates successful startups from less successful ones?

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Part of living and working in the startup world is learning from mistakes, both your own and others’. Living in this world, you get the chance to see what differentiates the companies that ended up having success from those that ultimately failed, and with any luck, you can spot those lessons before making the same mistakes yourself.

1. Solve a real problem

Every single one of us has once had that crazy futuristic idea that would turn the world upside down. But in most cases, these ideas do not have a solid purpose other than being cool. Instead of trying to think of something amazing just for the sake of it, try to spot an everyday problem that is happening to you and people around you and work your way from there. …

Are chatbots this century’s telegraph?

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Prometheus is a Titan from Greek mythology who created all living creatures from a mixture of earth and water. From his imagination he fashioned birds for the air, fish for the sea, and animals for the land.
However, from the image of the immortal gods, he fashioned man. He is best known for defying gods and stealing fire in order to grant it to mankind. He taught mortals to understand their environment, to calculate, to read and to write, to build houses and sailing ships, and to tame wild animals for food, labor, and protection. He showed them treasures within Mother Earth: copper and iron, silver and gold. He taught them how, with the gift of fire, mortals could use these treasures to improve and beautify their lives. …

Technology evolves fast. It has become an important part of our lives, it has given us many potentials and heavily influenced our habits and thoughts. As it progresses and advances much faster than the human kind, what could happen when it eventually surpasses us, and the possibilities it provides us with form negative consequences on the society? Should we have too much power?

In short, this topic is what the British science fiction series, Black Mirror explores. Most episodes are set in a dystopian near-future societies, imagining outcomes of different impacts that new technologies could have on people. Almost every episode leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. …


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